Prepaid development hours for ad-hoc work

Get eCommerce development services at discounted pricing by purchasing blocks of 20-hours for use with ongoing projects all year long. Unlimited tasks for 1 year.

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Why Pre-Pay for Development?

Beat the Inflation

Demand for tech talent has grown recently and so are the salaries of the developers worldwide. By purchasing bulk hours in advance, you get fixed rates and access to on-demand development support all year long - no matter if we raise our prices.

Unlimited Tasks

There's no limit on the number of tasks you can request. Get a new feature built or get a bug fixed - it's your choice! Hours are valid for 1-year and can be used anytime now or in the future. Every minute spent is logged and can be tracked 24x7.

Highly Flexible

While you can use your prepaid hours for development work on your active projects only, you may use them for unlimited number of tasks like fixes, customizations, new features, and consulting. Also, easily add more blocks when you run out of hours.

Fixed Price

20-Hours Block

Unlimited tasks. 1-year validity
$ 300
/ block
  • Affordable rate - $15 per hour
  • Request unlimited tasks
  • Buy multiple 20-hour blocks
  • 24x7 access to client portal

How to Get Started

1) Share Details

Discuss your project and development needs.

2) Select Hours

Decide how many 20-hour blocks you need to buy.

3) Finalize & Pay

You sign the contract and pre-pay for total hours.

4) Get Started

Submit unlimited development tasks on the go.

Got A High Workload?

If you need more than 100 hours every month, you should consider hiring our dedicated development team instead.


Get Unlimited Development Tasks Done All Year Long

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply contact your project manager or our sales team and we will send you an invoice for the number of hours you would like to prepay for.

We accept all credit cards, ACH, and direct bank transfer.

You can use your prepaid hours only for your ongoing and active eCommerce development projects with SkyQuest.

You can not use prepaid hours to build a new eCommerce development project from scratch.

The tasks you can request can vary. You may request to develop a new feature in your current eCommerce project, get some errors or bugs fixed, add 3rd party API integration, or for consulting and emergency maintenance work.

Yes. We do not restrict our clients on how many tasks they can request in a month. So if you have requested 10 tasks in a single month and have purchased 2 blocks of 20-hours, means 40-hours, we will estimate completion time for all the requested tasks in a priority order and execute them. In case your tasks exceed prepaid hours, we will ask you to add more blocks of 20-hours.

We use a state of the art project management system (PMS) with built-in time tracking tools. Our developers start the timer the moment they begin working and stop it once they pause or end your task. That way, time spent is automatically logged into the system. Tasks submitted by developers without any time logged are not approved.

To ensure further transparency, we provide you 24×7 access to our PMS through a client portal account from where you can clearly see time spent on each of the tasks in real-time. You can also request your assigned project manager to provide you with a digital report of the overall time spent.

No. If a task takes 1 hour and 23 minutes to complete, our system will automatically log 1 hour and 23 minutes which would be visible to you via client portal. Unlike other companies we do not round up the time to do tasks.

The total time spent working on your tasks is available through your client portal account. So if you bought 5 blocks of 20-hours, means 100-hours, and the logged time on our PMS shows 53 hours and 20 minutes spent, you can simply do the math.

Alternatively, you can request your project manager to send you a digital report of total time spent and the remaining balance.

If your requested tasks exceed your prepaid hours, we will send you an email to top-up your account with more 20-hour blocks.

We usually do not stop working on your tasks right away. Instead, we continue to work until 10 more hours are logged and send you reminders to credit more hours before we pause development activity.

Well, it depends.

If you call us once for a quick 5-minute chat or ask us to briefly answer to an email, we will not log time spent on these tasks. Likewise, we generally don’t log time spent on 15 or 30 minute meetings and consultations for most of our clients as well.

However, meetings, calls, and consultations that go beyond 30 minute time are all logged and deducted from your prepaid balance. Similarly, writing detailed, technical response to any of your questions via emails are also logged as time spent.

When you purchase prepaid blocks of 20-hours, they are valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase no matter if you have used them partially or in full. 

For example, if you purchased 100-hours on January 1st, 2022 and do not use them for development work on any of your active and ongoing projects until January 1st, 2023, your hours will expire and you can no longer use them.

However, if you would like to keep your prepaid hours for future development work, you can rollover them towards next year by contacting us and paying a USD $300 rollover fee within thirty (30) days before expiry.

No. Once you have purchased prepaid development hours, they are not eligible for refund or encashment.

Our Clients Say...

“Just wanted to say thank you to SkyQuest. I picked them out as they were highly recommended. This was our first time doing eCommerce so it was a little bit of headache and frustration. We appreciate SkyQuest help us with that all.”
Adam Bartling Intrepid Signs
Adam Bartling
GM, Interpid Signs & Electrical
“Just wanted to say thank you to SkyQuest. I picked them out as they were highly recommended. This was our first time doing eCommerce so it was a little bit of headache and frustration. We appreciate SkyQuest help us with that all.”
Adam Bartling Intrepid Signs
Adam Bartling
GM, Interpid Signs & Electrical

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