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Free Yourself From Daily Ecommerce Operations

As an eCommerce store owner, you’re probably the one handling daily operations of your business or in fact doing everything on your own – from order processing and fulfillment to customer support and store management, and so on…

There are a number of critical problems with this business model that won’t let you achieve your true freedom and profitability.

You might have thought about building a team to handle your workload, as it seems like a very good idea at first. But the salaries for professional eCommerce managers are too high in your city and you don’t have enough capital to recruit highly trained specialists on a full-time payroll.

May be you’ve already tried hiring and training employees to run all the back-office operations since your eCommerce business is growing fast. However, you are noticing that the staff is not efficient and experienced enough when it comes to effectively handling customer support or technical side of your eCommerce business. Eventually you have to intervene and get things sorted out at the last moment.

Moreover, during the holiday season like Black Friday or New Year, everything seems to be a complete mess and things start to go out of control altogether. Unavailability of employees, angry customers, slower response time, high rate of returns, late deliveries, chargebacks or at worse, website downtime. The list just never ends.

There’s a high chance that your business is profitable, but you still feel like being trapped in a hamster wheel working every single day and night and even on weekends when you should be rather spending quality time at home with your family or enjoying a game with your friends.

If you can relate to any of the above problems, then Ecommerce365 is the perfect solution to get rid of all your day-to-day management and free up your time.

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